Do you suffer from back or joint pain? Are you recovering from an injury or surgery? Do you suffer from arthritis? If you do, Pilates might be for you. Our Pilates classes are vibrant, interesting and challenging. In our Collie practice we offer 23 Clinical Pilates classes a week with a maximum of six people per class to ensure everyone gets the attention they need. Our Australind practice offers private sessions as well as semi-private sessions where you and one other attendee receive personalised attention.

Firstly, you will complete one or two one-on-one Pilates sessions with a physiotherapist to develop a personalised Pilates program that works towards your goals. These goals may be the improvement of your posture, flexibility, strength and tone; the treatment of back, neck, hip, knee or other pain; recovery from injury or surgery; or managing arthritis and other long-standing conditions. Each session is supervised by a physiotherapist and we will give you advice regarding your program and individual exercises. Pilates uses a spring-loaded equipment approach to rehabilitation that focuses on muscle efficiency and functional patterns by always working the back and abdominal muscles.


  • You must complete two (one if attending private or semi-private session) individual 40-minute sessions with your physiotherapist before joining a class in order to develop your personalised exercise program to target your personal goals
  • Private health fund rebates available
  • We offer multiple classes per week, including early mornings and after work hours
  • We recommend doing an individual session with a physiotherapist once a year to review your program and goals

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