Book An Appointment Online 24/7

You can book your appointment online 24/7 by following the prompts in the box below. Once you complete your online booking you’ll have a confirmed appointment the same as you would if you called the practice directly.

If you prefer to book via phone, call the practice you wish to visit during business hours and one of our team can schedule your appointment for you, practice phone numbers are listed below:

Australind – 08-9797-1111

Collie – 08-9734-5620

Harvey – 08-9729-3071

How to Book Online

Step 1

To book an appointment first choose which practice you wish to visit from the first dropdown box labelled “Select A Site”.

Step 2

In the “Select A Clinician” box choose which type of clinician you wish to see. For most visits, Physiotherapist is the most suitable option to select here.

Step 3

In the Step 3 box, choose which date you’d like to make your appointment for and then hit the Find A Clinician button. You’ll then be presented with a list of available appointment slots to choose from.

When you complete your booking, you’ll receive an email with your booking details. At this stage, you have a confirmed booking; the same as if you had called the practice and made an appointment.

We may call you to verify your personal details and to give you more information about the appointment.

If you cannot make your scheduled appointment time, please call the practice immediately to reschedule.