At our clinic, we are truly dedicated to assisting you in achieving enhanced mobility, overall well-being, and a fulfilling life. As highly skilled physiotherapists, we specialize in optimizing the functionality of your joints and muscles, regardless of the limitations you may be facing, such as pain, swelling, injury, stiffness, surgery, age, pregnancy, and more.

When you step into our care, our compassionate physiotherapist will begin by attentively listening to your concerns and needs. Through a series of comprehensive physical tests, we will diligently diagnose your condition and gain a deeper understanding of your unique situation. This thorough assessment forms the foundation for a collaborative journey where we will work together to provide you with tailored, evidence-based treatments.

It’s important to note that you don’t require a referral to seek our expert physiotherapy services. However, if you are a client covered under Motor Vehicle Insurance or Workers’ Compensation Claim, we do require your to have a referral. This ensures that we can effectively coordinate with your insurance provider and offer you the utmost care.

We genuinely look forward to the opportunity to serve you, and our team is excited to contribute to help you move better, feel great, and enjoy life!

Our treatment options include:

  • gentle soft tissue massage
  • deep tissue massage
  • trigger point release
  • dry needling
  • active muscle release
  • stretching
  • joint mobilisations and manipulations
  • group physio exercise
  • hydrotherapy (exercises in the pool)
  • strapping/rock tape
  • nerve mobilisation
  • education and advice
  • equipment and mobility aids

Exercises for:

  • joint mobility
  • muscle control and stability
  • muscle strengthening
  • muscle endurance
  • balance and proprioception