Running Clinic

Do you like running but are limited by pain or fatigue? Do you want to make your running style more efficient? We offer Running Clinics at Physio Group South West! Come in for a 40-minute appointment and we will assess your running biomechanics with the help of video footage. Whether you’re a keen runner, weekend warrior or just trying to get back to sport, we can help you improve your running technique and efficiency. Or if you experience pain while running we can help find the source and develop an exercise program to target the specific muscles required.

What to expect during your visits?

In the first session we complete a subjective assessment and film you running on the treadmill. We then compile a full report on the biomechanics, timing and efficiency of your technique. During your second session we explain the results of this report and develop a specific exercise program that targets your needs. If you are a keen runner and only experience pain after 5kms or more of running, we suggest going for a run before your appointment.

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Running Clinic