Rocktape & Strapping Applications

Strapping is a treatment technique that gives support to injured joints and muscles, therefore allowing a quicker recovery and return to normal activities or sport.

The main difference between Rocktape and rigid tape is the amount of stretch the tape has. Rocktape is a heat activated tape that stretches up to 180% and allows full normal movement at the joint. Rigid tape is much firmer and allows only a small amount of stretch, therefore is better in the immediate treatment of an injury as it restricts movement and provides support to prevent more damage from occurring.

Rocktape is useful for the following conditions:

  • Swelling, for example:
    • Ankle sprain
    • Post-surgery
    • After removal of lymph nodes (such as in some breast cancer surgeries)
    • Carpal Tunnel syndrome
  • Damaged/torn ligaments, tendons or muscles that need extra support
  • Offload muscles or tendons that are being overworked (such as in tennis elbow or golfers elbow)
  • Improve posture by making you more aware of your body position (which is helpful if you have neck or shoulder pain after long periods of sitting at a computer)
  • To improve muscle performance during sports
  • Painful joints or muscles

Rigid taping is useful for:

  • If you have recently damaged ligaments and require firm support
  • To restrict movement at a joint
  • To prevent ligament or muscle damage
  • Reduce swelling