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Can physio help my migraines?

Can physio help my migraines?
The short answer is yes! One of the confusing phenomena about Cervicogenic Headache (neck related headache) is that its symptoms can present as Migraine, Tension Headache or even Cluster Headache. So even though your headache may have been diagnosed as Migraine,…


Incontinence: Can I Be Helped?

Incontinence of the bladder and bowel can be embarrassing, disruptive and affect your quality of life. However, plenty can be done to improve and potentially cure your incontinence. Have a read below to find out what incontinence is and how…


Back Pain and Physiotherapy

Osteoporosis Being Underweight
One day, just like any other, you go to do a routine task. You’re making the bed or cleaning the bottom cupboard of the shelves or picking up your kid/niece/nephew and BAM. You feel something grab and spasm up in…


What Does a Physio Have to do With Osteoarthritis?

knee x ray
This is a very good question – it’s hard to imagine how any treatment other than surgery could reverse the effects of osteoarthritis in the joints. Most of us understand that osteoarthritis occurs as the protective cartilage at the ends…


I’ve Got an Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC). What Next?

So, you’ve just been to see your doctor about a chronic condition that you have. Your doctor has told you that they are going to put you on an Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC) and that you have up to…


4 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Have a Postnatal Check with a Women’s Health Physio After Having a Baby

Clinic Therapy Photos
Did you know that in France every single woman who gives birth, whether via c-section or vaginally, is allocated 20 sessions funded by the government with a women’s health physiotherapist to help their postnatal recovery? Wow! They are certainly leading…



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