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Swimmer Related Shoulder Pain

Swimmer Related Shoulder Pain


The open water swimming season is well underway as well as school swimming, Busselton Jetty Swim and the Rottnest Channel Swim just around the corner.  It’s the perfect time to get your shoulders prepared to prevent and manage swimming related injuries.

DID YOU KNOW? On average each shoulder of a competitive swimmer does 30,000 rotations every week.  With the shoulders accounting for up to 80% of the propulsive power generated in freestyle.  The high repetitions and force generation puts swimmers at a higher risk of shoulder related injury.

WHAT IS SWIMMERS SHOULDER? It’s a broad term for shoulder pain in swimmers including:

  • Overuse injuries, muscle fatigue, shoulder impingement, muscle weakness and instability
  • All associated with the biomechanics of the swimming stroke.


  1. Pain relief
  2. Increase trunk rotation for improved shoulder alignment
  3. Improve muscle strength to stabilise the shoulder joint during the stroke phases.
  4. Improve core strength for a more powerful kick.
  5. Prevent re-occurrence with a tailored long-term strength and conditioning plan.

Our Australind physio Emma is very passionate about swimming having completed the 2021 solo crossing in the Rottnest Channel Swim and previously competed at a national level in both pool and open water. Emma has a great understanding of swimming biomechanics and injury prevention for ALL ages and abilities.


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