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Improve Mood &Amp; Sleep With Massage Therapy

Improve Mood & Sleep With Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage is one of the most common therapeutic techniques. It aims to promote general relaxation and relieve muscular tension through the application of gentle force and long gilding strokes to the to the body, in a calm clinic setting. The focus is on providing clients with complete mental and physical relief.


Researchers believe the efficacy of Massage Therapy is due to it’s impact on blood flow, endorphins & muscular tension, among other things.


Improve Blood Flow

According to Massage & Myotherapy Australia, Massage Therapy encourages increased blood flow to the areas being massaged, which can promote healing. Recent research also strongly suggests that it can support long-term vascular function of both athletes and non-athletes.


Release Endorphins

Endorphins are natural pain relievers, produced by the brain. They promote happiness and wellbeing and reduce anxiety. Massage stimulates the release of these endorphins – which is one of the reasons why you you’re likely to feel great after your massage. In addition to feeling great, these chemicals can also promote healing.


Relax Tight Muscles

Excessive muscle tension can cause restricted movement and pain. Massage encourages key muscle groups to relax, reducing associated pain and increasing mobility.


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